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Received - Deceased Donor

Wilson Brewster, Jr. is a Veteran who served four years in the USAF. He is a proud husband, father and grandfather. He worked for 39 years in the telecommunications industry as a phone technician and supervisor. Soon after his retirement he developed kidney failure.

Wilson has been reliant on home dialysis. He hooks himself up to a machine every night for 8-10 hours. While he is grateful this machine keeps him alive - he is often fatigued. He is often not able to travel or enjoy his favorite activity, golf. Wilson is a member of the National Negro Golf Association.

Wilson's doctors feel he is an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant. However, the wait for a kidney from a deceased donor is over 5 years. A living kidney donor would give him the best chance to survive and thrive without dependence on dialysis. Kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared. Kidney donors can live completely normal lives with one kidney. The cost of the evaluation is covered by the transplant center. The cost of travel, lost wages are also reimbursed.

If you would like to learn more about living kidney donation to help save the life of a Veteran, please contact DOVE: OR click the link below. Thank you!

Wilson Brewster Jr

Air Force Veteran

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