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John Potawa, Donor

"It took a DOVE national campaign for me to realize that a fellow officer from my own department needed a kidney. It is not in our DNA as officers to ask for help."



DOVE’s goal is to find, educate, screen and support prospective living donors and then match those donors to a Veteran awaiting transplant.

We promote living kidney donation through nationwide campaigns and outreach events with the aim to create a living donor registry of prospective donors.

We also provide individualized support to any eligible Veteran who is actively listed for a kidney transplant at any US Transplant Center in creating an outreach campaign within their networks and community.

Our Mission

DOVE is taking this successful concept a step further by stepping in as each Veteran's Donor Champion. DOVE believes many in the larger community will consider donation when they can direct their gift to benefit a Veteran in need.


Once donors come forward, DOVE will further screen, educate and support the donor throughout the process.

This level of assistance and advocacy keeps donors engaged.

When possible, DOVE will work with national paired registries and encourage donor/Veteran pairs to participate in kidney chains or "SWAPS".  


There are benefits to this type of living donation:

  • Donors help complete multiple transplants and therefore their one kidney can save many lives in addition to a Veteran's.

  • Donors can undergo the testing and surgery at a participating center closer to their home.  

What We Do


Why Veterans Need Our Help


The approximate number of Veteran awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant at either a VA Center or Military Hospital in the U.S. (

3-5 years

The average wait for a kidney from a deceased donor.

Many Veterans—who have already sacrificed so much for others—would be the first to offer to donate a kidney but are unwilling to ask in return.

Many transplant centers encourage their patients to find "Donor Champions"—who often are family or friends—to help with this task.
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