Veteran Campaigns

The average wait for a kidney from a deceased donor is 3-5 years. Veterans are dying while waiting for a kidney. We can help improve the length and quality of Veterans’ lives by finding them living kidney donors.

We know the vast and tight network of Veterans and the goodwill of the larger community of Americans would “Step Up” as donors if they knew how.

DOVE works closely with the Walter Reed Military Medical Center’s Transplant Program as well as some of the VA Transplant Centers. Additionally, Veterans who are listed at non VA centers or their transplant providers can register with DOVE. DOVE requires confirmation of service history and listing with US Transplant Center prior to working with any recipient.

Meet our Veterans

Mike Avila, U.S. Air Force Veteran

Mike Avila

Jason Edmondson,  Army Veteran

Jason Edmondson

Richard Hyman, Veteran

Richard Hyman

Derrik and Sandra Roberts, Army Veteran

Derrik and Sandra Roberts

Mike Munoz, Army Veteran and granddaughter

Mike Munoz

Mark Klayman, Army Veteran

Mark Klayman

Gerald White, Army Veteran

Gerald White

Chief in uniform

Phillip (Chief) Bennie

Devaughn Phillip

Calvin Powe, Navy Veteran

Calvin Powe

Alleksander Pallko, Army Veteran

Alleksander Pallko

Damon Hewin

Daniel Zane, Army Veteran

Daniel Zane

Chuck Winer, Army Veteran

Chuck Winer

Roy Veterans Hall of Fame

Roy McClymonds

victor and family/uniform

Victor Marinez

john air force

John Piccolo

whitlock headshot

Charles Baron Whitlock

david and wife

David Hardaway

 Army Veteran & Kidney Transplant Recipient

Jesus Alvarez

Victoria Beecher, Air Force Veteran

Victoria Beecher

 Curtis Heldreth,  Army Veteran

Curtis Heldreth

Karl Ingram, Army Veteran

Karl Ingram

Greg Howard

Greg Howard

Stephen Samuelson, Army Veteran

Stephen Samuelson

Captain Khan

Sid Khan

Debbie with her grandchildren

Debbie Wilkerson

Kevin Shiau

Kevin Shiau

Ricky in uniform

Ricky Duda

Roy Oakman, Army Veteran

Roy Oakman

Patricia Ruffin, Army Veteran

Patricia Ruffin

Clarence Baymon

Van with wife

Van Keller

Will in uniform

Wil Serrano

Reginald and Wendy Robinson

Reginald Robinson

chakita head shot

Chakita Harrington

Sgt Frederick Simmons head shot

Fredrick D. Simmons


Keshawn Cupid

Elliott family photo

Elliott (Melvin) Brown

 John Anderson,  U.S. Air Force Veteran

John Anderson

 Joseph James Cochrane, Navy Veteran

Joseph James Cochrane

 Ken Howell,  Marine Veteran

Ken Howell

Marena Jordan, Army Veteran

Marena Jordan

Kathryn Papenhausen

Kathryn Papenhausen

Edward Roldan

Edward Roldan

Ron Bartgis, Army Veteran

Ron Bartgis


Kenricks (KD) Brown

Willie Oler cooking

Willie Oler

Reginald with Grandson

Reginald Coney

Johnny Tavarez and family, Army Veteran

Johnny Tavarez

anthony and wife

Anthony Sutphen

Cindy Silva with children, Army Veteran

Cindy Ferguson

Dave Ryder, Army Veteran

Dave Ryder

candice yoga

Candice Martin

beverly with family

Beverly Dabney

Valerie and granddaughter Honor

Valerie Richardson (Bell)

colucci flag

Robert (Bob) Anthony Colucci

mike and wife

Mike Traina

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