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Become a DOVE Donor

You are about to take the first step in giving someone the gift of life.

Donors are usually between 21 & 70 (there are some centers that DO NOT have an upper age cut off) and must be healthy and have excellent kidney function.

After receipt of your intake form, a representative from DOVE will reach out to set up a video or phone call to educate you about living donation and advise you on the next steps

should you decide to proceed.

It should be noted that the following medical issues usually rule you out from proceeding to a formal referral/evaluation with a kidney donor transplant team:


  • Obesity (BMI over 35)

  • Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

  • Cancer (must be in remission > 2 years for most cancers)

  • Drug or Alcohol Dependence

  • Current Smoker (and not willing to stop)


If by phone is best way to reach you, we will be calling you from phone # 551-233-1611.

Please note that DOVE believes in a zero-pressure approach. You are free to withdraw at any time if you feel that kidney donation is not right for you.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about kidney donation to help save a Veteran’s life!

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