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This video (31:35 minutes long) developed by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) provides information on what to expect as a living kidney donor. Please view this video.

"Can I Donate Part of my Liver After I Donated a Kidney?"

presented by Dr. Whitney Jackson

The Living Donation Story Project

Get help if you are considering becoming a donor, but are currently overweight. Project Donor offers resources to assist with weight loss just prior to donation clearance or to maintain their health afterwards.

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Check out this excellent resource for recipients looking to understand their estimated wait for a deceased donor transplant throughout the country.

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The Explore Living Donation Storytelling Library is a publicly available library with video stories shared by real living donors, kidney recipients, allies, and those seeking a living donor. Visit to check it out.

Get help with Project Donor's weight loss and smoking cessation program!

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In need of financial assistance? Learn more about donor support programs at the Meredith Haga Foundation

Information provided by the United Network for Organ Sharing


Information provided by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients


Information provided by the National Kidney Foundation

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