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In 1978 Valerie Richardson Bell decided to join the Army when she saw a sign that read "Be all you can be in the Army." A month after signing up at a local recruitment station she shipped out to Ft. Jackson SC for basic training. She was assigned to Ft Gordan D 67th Signal Corps. as a Supply Corps Clerk.
After leaving the military, Valerie spent her career working for the Postal Service, had three children and is proud grandmother of four.

Valerie continues to strive to "Be all she can be". She went to Bible College and graduated with a major in Bible and minor in Church Ministry. Her goal was to join missions groups overseas to help build schools and teach. However, the unexpected onset of kidney failure in 2020 postponed this goal.

Valerie is now reliant on a dialysis machine to survive as her kidneys are irreversibly damaged.
A living kidney donor would enable Valerie to continue to reach and attain her goals of traveling throughout the world to strengthen communities. A kidney transplant would give Valerie a higher quality of life and enable her to be a part of her grandchildren's lives for years to come!

Veterans like Valerie have done so much for our country and their communities. Lets show them we have their back now - please contact DOVE for more information:

Valerie Richardson (Bell)

Army/Supply Clerk

Valerie and granddaughter honor

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