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Thomas Houser is a 35 year old Veteran who joined the Army in 2006 and was stationed at Ft. Bragg. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 and his mission was to provide aerial delivery support to remote FOB's. Since separation from the military, he has been employed at a local VA near his home in Florida.

In 2013, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The cause of the cancer is unknown but there is now research to see if exposure during his deployment could have played a part. Thomas is now cured of cancer but the treatment has caused irreversible kidney damage.

Thomas needs to find a living kidney donor in order to have the best chance at living a long full life free from the constraints and burdens of dialysis. Thomas is engaged to be married and is hoping he can begin this next chapter in his life in good heath and with hope.

Please contact DOVE by clicking on the link below to learn if you qualify to be a donor or to offer your support to help Veterans like Thomas.

Thomas (Grant) Houser

Parachute Rigger/Army


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