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Robert Couture joined the US Army on March 25, 1969 at 21 years old. HIs brother enlisted with him and they went to basic training under the buddy program. He specialized as in Equipment Maintenance and Equipment Operations and was deployed to Germany for two years as a mechanic working on trucks and tanks.

Robert utilized those hard earned skills upon his discharge and got into IUOE Local 4 and operated heavy equipment for 35 years before retiring at age 62.
Robert is a dedicated family man. He has 5 children and many grandchildren. Robert is also active in his community. He has been a HS Basketball coach for 13 years and had coached girls AAU basketball for 18 years.
Roberts' ability to continue coaching is limited due to his diagnosis of end stage kidney disease. He is waiting for life-saving kidney transplant but the wait could be over 5 years long. He may not survive that wait.

Living kidney donation is Roberts best chance of getting a transplant sooner and one that will give him the best chance to live the rest of his life free from the constraints and complications of dialysis.
Kidney donation is safe for healthy donors who are medically cleared. The testing for any donor is covered by Roberts transplant center. Costs related to travel, lost wages incurred as part of the evaluation are covered by organizations like DOVE.
Veterans like Robert have given so much to their country and communities. Let us show them we are here in their time of need.
If you would like to see if you are a candidate to donate, please click on the link below or call DOVE @ 551-449-8319. Thank you!

Robert Couture

Army Veteran

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