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Ralph Papa is a 68 year old Marine Corps Veteran who served four years as a truck driver and was discharged as a Sergeant E-5. Upon separation from service, Ralph worked in trucking and later as a cable operator. He now lives in Texas and is a proud dad, grand father and great grand father.

Ralph has been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease. Since March of 2022 he has been relying on a machine to do the work of his kidneys. Because of his dependence on this treatment, he is unable to travel, he often feels fatigued and unwell. The best chance for Ralph to live a full life free from dialysis is to obtain a kidney transplant. However, because of his age and blood type - and the 5-8 year wait for a deceased kidney donor - he may not survive the wait or be eligible when a kidney is offered.

Living kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared. The evaluation, travel and expenses related to donation are covered.

If you would consider becoming a kidney donor and helping Ralph and Veterans in need, please contact DOVE to learn more! Please either click the link below and submit an inquiry form or call: 646-245-2894. Thank you!

Rafael Papa

Marine Corps

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