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Oliver Lewis served his country for four years in the Navy. He continued to serve his community as a police officer for thirty years and also started his own heating and air conditioning company that he has run for the last twenty four years. He is married with adult children and one grandchild.

Oliver continues to help his community by being active in his church, serving as a Deacon and also volunteering his time with the Gideons who distribute bibles to various prisons, schools and hotels. Oliver has been living with kidney disease for over 30 years and now relies on a dialysis machine to keep him alive..

The best chance for Oliver to live life free from dialysis is to undergo a transplant. A living kidney donor would enable him to bypass the long wait for a kidney from a deceased donor. Living donation is safe someone who is medically cleared. The evaluation is covered fully by Oliver's insurance. Costs related to travel, lost wages are also covered. Oliver has enlisted the help of a veteran's organization: to assist in his outreach and support his prospective donors. If you would like to learn more about kidney donation please reach out to DOVE by clicking the link below or calling 551-449-8319. Thank you!

Oliver Lewis

Navy Veteran, Police Officer (Ret.)

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