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Born Dec 18 1956 in New Haven Ct. graduated from North Haven CT in 1976, Michael Brangi grew up in a great loving Italian house. His father was a WW11 Marine veteran. He passed when Michael was only 12 years old and his Mother, who was a stay at home mother, had to go to work to keep the family going.
Michael has 2 brothers and he joined the Marines right after High School.
Parris Island was where he did my boot camp. He spent a year in Okinawa, and to finished his 3 year tour at Camp Lejeune. His MOS was 1371 combat engineer.

Currently, Michael lives in SC with his wife of 23 years. Michael has been diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and he has relied on a dialysis for the past year to survive. His wife, Chapel, works at the local hospital as a NICU respiratory specialist and is also his caregiver. Because of his wife's assistance he is able to do his dialysis treatments at home.

While dialysis keeps Michael alive, it is hard to thrive. As he says, "it would be great to receive a kidney and get my life back... Especially for Chapel also. They say God has a plan and it’s on his time. God Bless everyone. Semper Fi" Let us be part of God's plan and connect Michael with his life saving kidney donor. If you are interested in learning about donation - know that DOVE Transplant, an organization helping Veteran's and their donors, is here for you. Please click the link below to learn more or call 551-449-8319. Thank you.

Michael Brangi

USMC Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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