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Received - Deceased Donor 1/2/24

Judy Rowe is a proud female Army Veteran who served during the transfer from the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC)to the first female soldiers, occurring during the late 70’s. She worked as a 71 Lima administrative specialist, over her 5-year career, for a JAG unit at Fort Hood and at a base in Korea for the Commander and First Sergeant, as well as in the Orderly Room Investigations with priority security clearances. She also worked at the Pentagon and governmental depots, and really enjoyed the work she performed!

Judy has been married 39 years to her husband Jerome, a retired Army Veteran, with three of their four children having either served or are still active-duty military. Judy continued her career as an administrative specialist in civilian life at Fort Benning processing clearances and then the School of Americas until she started battling health issues. Over the course of 37 years, she suffered two comas with numerous illnesses, surgeries, and kidney failure but considers herself blessed to still be here for her family!

Judy was very active in skating and participated in various other activities and has always desired to be healthy enough to enjoy these passions with her 15 grandchildren. She served on the city’s advisory boards, was a neighborhood watch captain and representative, also volunteered as Vice President of the Parent-Teacher Organization at the local high school. Judy sees needing a kidney transplant as yet another obstacle she must face and although her kidney disease is worsening, she does not yet require dialysis. Her desire is to receive a transplant before it is necessary!

Judy received a kidney transplant from a deceased donor on January 2, 2024.

Judy Rowe

Army Veteran

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