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Waiting/San Antonio area

Joseph Cromartie is a 53 year old Veteran who served for 15 years in the Army. As a civilian, Joseph continued a to work for the military as an IT manager at Fort Sam Houston. Joseph lives with his wife Melissa and their two young sons ages 3 and 7 in San Antonio, TX.

In 2019 Joseph's world changed forever when he suddenly developed a rare and severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic that led to kidney failure. He has been reliant on in center hemodialysis treatments to stay alive 3 days a week for 4-6 hours a treatment to survive. While dialysis helps Joseph live, it is hard to thrive. He is often fatigued and limited as he can't easily travel.

The best treatment for Joseph is a kidney transplant. However, the wait for a kidney from a deceased donor is over 5 years long. That is why Joseph needs to find a living kidney donor. Living kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. Donors live normal lives with one kidney. The kidney donor evaluation, surgery is covered by the transplant center. All non medical expenses are covered by organizations like

Joseph longs for the day when he will have energy to keep up with his young sons. "I am missing a lot of their stuff. I just want to be able to run around with them, take them to sporting events, take them to do stuff."

Veterans like Joseph have done so much for their country and community. What better way to show our gratitude than to give back renewed life through the gift of kidney donation. To learn more please click on the link below or email: Thank you!

Joseph Cromartie

Army Veteran

With boys

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