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From the young age of 20, when Johnny Tavarez entered the Marines, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to giving back to his country and his community. He has instilled this spirit of service in his children and grandchildren.

In the 1980s, Johnny began a 30-year career in public service with the New York City Department of Transportation. In his free time, he served for 17 years as a volunteer firefighter in his neighborhood in Long Island, NY.
Despite his onset of kidney disease and dependence on dialysis to survive, Johnny still believes he is blessed and still greets everyone with a smile and desire to help.

Johnny has done so much for others—it would be nice to give back to Johnny by finding a living kidney donor and helping him live the rest of his life free from dialysis. Many family members were declined as donors so we are reaching out to the community. Would you consider helping a Veteran like Johnny? Contact DOVE to learn how.

Johnny Tavarez

Marine Corps Veteran

Johnny Tavarez and family, Army Veteran

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