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Received! 12/2023 Deceased Donor

Johnny Stone, "Daddy Stone" (as known by his grandkids) is a Navy veteran who developed kidney disease as a direct result of the time he spent serving our country. Johnny worked for the EPA for many years and now serves as a Deacon in his community.

Johnny is a kind, thoughtful and extremely humble person who loves nothing more than spending time with his family, especially his 3 young grandkids and working in his church. Due to his kidney disease, Johnny spends 1/3 of his week on dialysis as he tries to find a kidney donor.

The best chance for Johnny to live a high quality life, free from dialysis is to find a living kidney donor. Many in Johnny's family are ruled out to donate due to a genetic risk. Kidney donation is safe for those who are healthy and medically cleared. The medical evaluation and surgery is covered by the transplant center. Johnny is working with a Veteran's organization ( that will ensure all non medical costs are also covered. If you are interested in learning about kidney donation, please reach out to Johnny's transplant advocate, Darci Gibson @ 515-472-0448 or click the link below. All inquiries are confidential. Thank you!

Johnny Stone

Navy Veteran

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