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Received - Deceased Donor 6/2023

Mike Harris retired from the Army after 26 years and served another 20 years in the defense and intelligence community. After 9/11, Mike established a Program Security Office for the Pentagon Renovation Program and helped rebuild the damaged portion of the building.

Mike has kidney failure. He started home dialysis in 2021. While this helps Mike survive, a kidney transplant would give him the ability to live longer and free from the constraints of dialysis. The wait for a kidney from the deceased donor list is over 5 years long. Mike may not survive the wait or may become ineligible over the years. Mike needs to find a living kidney donor.

Living kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The medical testing is covered by the transplant center. Mike is working with a Veteran's program called Donor Outreach for Veterans. This program is helping in Mike's outreach to find a living donor and they will ensure all prospective donors have ample logistical and emotional support throughout the process. Please reach out to DOVE by clicking the link below OR by calling 551-449-8319 to see if you are a candidate for donation. If this is not right for you, please share Mike's profile and spread the word. Thank you!

James "Mike" Harris

MAJ (R), US Army

Mike Current with Wif

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