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Received! Living Kidney Donor

Glenn Padeway ("Coach Glenn") is a 60 year old USAF Veteran who served 4.5 years Active Duty and then 4 years in the Reserves. Service is something ingrained in Glenn's DNA as six of his brothers enlisted as well.

Glenn has been employed nearly 20 years for the Fairfax County Transit System.

Glenn has been married 3 years but has known his wife, Toni for nearly 40 years as they were High School sweethearts. Soon after reconnecting, Glenn developed end-stage kidney disease.
Around the same time of his diagnosis, Glenn and Toni became foster parents to 4 of Glenn's grandchildren ages 12, 8, 6 and 2. They have embraced this responsibility with much devotion and love.

Despite being on daily home dialysis, Glenn pushes himself to maintain his Management job at the Transit System. He also has continued to coach HS Girls Volleyball.
Glen now needs our help to get his health back and live a life free from dialysis. Unless he finds a living kidney donor, Glenn will wait at least 5 years for a kidney from a deceased donor. He may not survive that wait. The cost of the kidney donor's medical evaluation is covered by Glenn's medical insurance. DOVE will work with donors to ensure that out of pocket expenses related to lost wages, travel etc... are also covered.
Please contact DOVE to learn about kidney donation and to learn how you can help Veterans like Glenn. Phone (551) 233-1611 OR Click on the link below this post.

Glenn Padeway

USAF Veteran


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