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Received - Deceased Donor Transplant

Gilbert White is a 59-year-old Veteran who served 12 years in the Air Force and retired as a Staff Sergeant. For most of his civilian life, he worked as a Sales Manager at an auto dealership.

Gil is active with his church community and describes himself as a fun-loving person who tries to lift others and be the life of the party. Despite living with end stage kidney failure he tries to maintain his positive spirit and embrace life as much as he can. He is a "newlywed" having married his wife Clarinda 2 years ago after meeting via social media. Together they eat a lot, laugh a lot and seem to really have fun enjoying life together. They would love to start new adventures, but Gil's reliance on a dialysis machine hinders their ability to travel.

Gil is a proud husband, dad and grandfather. He looks forward to many more years ahead to enjoy his family. His best chance of living a longer, higher quality life is to find a living kidney donor. The wait for a kidney from a deceased donor can take over 5 years. Gil may not survive that wait.

Veterans like Gil have given so much to their country and communities. What better way to honor their sacrifices than giving them a renewed life through the gift of kidney donation? Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The medical evaluation and out of pocket expenses related to travel, lost wages are covered by organizations such as DOVE Transplant. Please contact DOVE by clicking on the link below to learn more. Or email:
Thank you!

Gilbert "Gil" White

Air Force Veteran

Gerald White, Air Force Veteran

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