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Received- Deceased Donor 12/2023

Garland Garmon is an Veteran who for 9 years in the Army. He served infantry as a generator mechanic and was stationed in Germany. After his military service he worked many years as a Manager at McDonalds.

Garland now lives in Arizona with his wife and young daughter. His kidneys no longer function and he has relied on a dialysis machine since 2019 to survive. The best chance for him to to live a life free of dialysis and to watch his daughter grow to a woman is to undergo a kidney transplant. However, the wait for kidney from a deceased donor is over 7 years long. He may not survive that wait.

Garmon needs to find a living kidney donor. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The evaluation is covered by the VA Transplant Center. Other costs incurred can also be covered. Garmon is working with a Veteran-centric organization called DOVE to find his life saving donor. DOVE will provide ample support and resources to any donor who steps up on behalf of Garmon. Please click the link below or call 551-449-8319 to learn more. Thank you.

Garland Garmon

Army Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
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