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Received! Deceased Donor

Fredrick Simmons is a 26 year old who served for 6 years in the Air Force until he medically retired in 2021.

The onset of Fredrick's kidney failure was unexpected and sudden. He left the military and has put his music career on hold as he is reliant on chronic hemodialysis treatments to survive. Many of Fredricks family have stepped up to donate but were ruled out medically. Frederick was told the wait could be as long as 5-8 years for a deceased kidney donor.

Fredrick remains hopeful and strong "Each day I remind myself my current situation is not my final destination".
Let us help Fredrick get to a healthier place. A living kidney donor would give Fredrick the best chance to live a normal, long and full life - free from dialysis. Please contact DOVE to learn more about living kidney donation.

Fredrick D. Simmons

Air Force/Staff Sergeant

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