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Frank Azar is a Vietnam Veteran who was drafted in 1969 and served three years in the United States Marines as an Infantry Rifleman. After six months in Vietnam, he was medevacked because of a fatty tumor around his lungs. He served in the Mediterranean, in Maine, Twenty-nine Palms in CA, and Camp LeJeune in NC. Before his discharge in 1972, he was the Police Sergeant of the company in charge of supply with the rank of Corporal. Four years after his discharge from the military, Frank attended an electronics school to become a technician and began working in the theater business doing lighting on Broadway, universities, opera houses, and casinos that spanned 40 years!

In 2011, Frank was diagnosed with bladder cancer leading to a decline in his kidney function. In January 2022, his body went into shock and he needed to immediately go on dialysis, which left him battling fatigue and not able to walk very far.

Frank and his wife Naila have been married for 33 years and have a daughter and a son. He spent time working nights at the Community Theater in Hackensack and would love to return if he were to find a living kidney donor. Frank would also like to travel and go fishing again!

Frank has enlisted the help of a Veteran's organization called DOVE Transplant which is helping in his outreach to find his life-saving kidney donor. DOVE will assist all prospective donors throughout the process and make sure they do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses related to the evaluation or surgery.

A healthy person can live a normal life with one kidney and save this Veteran's life! Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more OR call 551-449-8319.

Frank Azar

Vietnam Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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