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Received! Deceased Donor 4/9/2024

Edward Bender received a BBA from Baruch College and, at age 22, enlisted in the Navy Reserves for a 6-year commitment during the Vietnam Era. In 1969, he spent his active-duty time in the Sixth Fleet on the USS Massy, a World War II destroyer, as a Third-Class Petty Officer serving as the Educational Services Yeoman administering High School equivalency diplomas/training and putting out the ship’s newspaper. In 1976, Edward received his MBA from Long Island University and worked as a Bank Examiner at the FDIC for 38 years before his retirement in 2005.

Edward’s creatinine numbers began to climb and a biopsy on his kidneys found scar tissue. He has been a very active person – an avid tennis player, enjoys hiking and kayaking, playing pickle ball and golfing, even involved in community theater. He is not on dialysis yet, but with his numbers climbing and his kidney functioning plummeting, it is only a matter of time.

Edward and his wife Marilyn have been married for 51 years and have a son, a daughter, and five wonderful grandchildren. He and Marilyn are involved with Meals on Wheels in their local area and Edward has dedicated his life to helping others less fortunate than himself by visiting local nursing homes and providing a listening ear. When living in NY, he served on the committee to visit home-bound seniors for many years and has had two trips with Volunteers for Israel to work on a military base/hospital canceled twice, once for COVID-19 and then because of the recent conflict there.

Edward was transplanted on April 9, 2024, at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Edward Bender

Navy Veteran

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