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David E. Hardaway was born on a farm in Heth, Arkansas. He joined the Reserve Officers Training Program (ROTC) and served 23 years in the military.

David retired to take a more active role in caring for his daughter, Jenny, who has Cerebral Palsy. He has authored a book called "Almost Normal" that gives hope, guidance and heart to caregivers of special needs children.

David, a man who has given so much to protect his country and his family now needs our help. He has been diagnosed with irreversible kidney failure. He is not yet on dialysis but he has been told it is imminent. A living kidney donor would give David the best chance to live a long, healthy life and enable him to continue to be there for Jenny, his family and his community where he is needed and appreciated.

David Hardaway

Army Veteran, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.)

david and wife

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