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Chester Henderson served in the US Navy for six years as a Storekeeper. He loved the military where he met servicemen from all over the country. He was known to turn strangers into great friends quickly and the Navy gave him an opportunity to travel to many great locations across the world. Chester served in the Navy Reserve for 17 more years and upon retirement became active in many Veterans organizations.

Chester has known he had kidney disease since 2003 but in 2020 his kidney function deteriorated and required him to start dialysis treatments in order to survive. Dialysis keeps Chester alive but a kidney transplant would offer him more freedom and the ability to live a healthy and normal life without being tethered to a machine.
Chester has been a member of Greenforest Community Baptist Church in Georgia and serves as a Deacon, but he has had to limit the time he is used to dedicating due to his disease.
Chester is married to his devoted wife, Rev. Jackie Henderson and has two adult sons. They are a close family who have always supported each other. Unfortunately, they are ruled out as kidney donors due to their own medical issues.

Veterans like Chester have given so much to their country and their communities. What better way to show our gratitude than to consider being their hero and life saving kidney donor. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The evaluation and surgery is covered by Chester's insurance. Out of pockets costs are covered by organizations such as To learn more about kidney donation, please click the link below OR email:
Thank you!

Chester Henderson

Navy Veteran


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