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Bruce Morrison is an Army Veteran who served during the Vietnam Era. His father served in WWII. He has been married for 54 years and is a proud dad to 3 daughters and grandfather. The joy of Bruce's life is spending time with his grandchildren. He helps with child care and enjoys going to all the sporting events in which they participate.

Bruce would love to spend many more years watching his grandchildren grow and to continue his role as Chief Chef of the house. However, his health is jeopardized since he has been diagnosed with advanced renal disease. His best chance to survive is to find a living kidney donor. The wait for a kidney from a deceased donor from "the wait list" is over 4 years long.

Many people don't know that living kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. An extensive medical evaluation is conducted by the transplant center and all costs are covered by Bruce's insurance. Healthy people can live normal lives with 1 kidney and save a life with their other kidney.
Bruce is working with an organization that is helping Veterans find their life saving donors: DOVE Transplant. DOVE supports prospective donors throughout the process and makes sure they do not have to pay any out of pocket costs related to the evaluation, surgery or recovery. To learn more about kidney donation please contact DOVE by clicking the link below OR calling: 551-449-8319. Thank you!

Bruce Morrison

Army Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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