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Born and raised in Guam, 52-year-old Bob Quinata spent 29 years in the Army Reserve.

Bob enlisted after high school, traveled to Missouri for his basic training, and then returned to Guam to begin his service as a heavy equipment operator, cook and work in vertical construction. In 2004, he was part of the first reserve unit from Guam to be mobilized into active duty when they traveled to Hawaii during Operation Enduring Freedom. The Army performed health screenings on the incoming troops, and it was there that Bob was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. They sent him back home to Guam and wanted to medically discharge him after 15 years of service, but he successfully fought to stay in the Army Reserve and served another 14 years.

In Bob’s civilian life, he worked for the Department of Education as support staff, working with middle school students and filling in for teachers for short periods of time and was able to retire after 30 years of service.

Bob started peritoneal dialysis in 2017 and switched to hemodialysis in 2019 and has been listed to receive a new kidney since May of 2022. He and his wife Jerri have been married for 20 years and have seven children and 14 grandchildren. In August 2020, they relocated to Texas, nearer to some of their children. They also hope living in the states will help them locate a life-saving donor!

Although many family members and friends have come forward, none have been medically cleared to donate. Bob has enlisted an organization called DOVE Transplant which is helping in his outreach to find his life-saving kidney donor. DOVE will assist all prospective donors throughout the process and make sure they do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses related to the evaluation or surgery.

A healthy person can live a normal life with one kidney and save this Veteran's life! Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more OR call (551) 233-1611. Thank you.

Bob Quinata

Army Reserve Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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