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Received - Living Donor

Antonio "Tony" Cuevas is a 69 year old Army Veteran who served from 1973 to 1986 as a Dental Administrator. He was stationed 8 years in Germany and 5 years stateside. Upon his honorable discharge, he worked as a financial case manager within a Minnesota Social Services department.

In 2017 one of Tony's kidneys was removed due to cancer. He has other medical conditions that have damaged his remaining kidney and he has been told he will either need to start dialysis or receive a kidney transplant. The wait for a kidney transplant on the national deceased donor list is estimated to be 5 years long. Many who wait do not survive the wait.

Luckily, Tony's son and namesake stepped forward for him. Military service runs through the Cuevas family. Tony is on active duty and took some time off to donate his kidney to his father, Antonio Cuevas on April 3, 2023.

Antonio O Cuevas

Army Veteran

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