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"I love this country—for most of my childhood in Albania, I dreamt of coming to The United States and serving in the military."

Alex Pallko is a 40-year-old very proud U.S. Army Veteran who accomplished his dream of becoming a U.S. Service member. However, his dream was cut too short when he suddenly was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and was medically discharged after nearly three years of service.

Alex is young and still hoping to find a way to get his health back and continue to give to this country that he loves. He loves animals, cooking, and hiking with friends, but has felt too debilitated to do any outdoor activity. Alex is planning to pursue an MBA at Northeastern University in Boston.

Let us help Alex find a living kidney donor and get back the life he was leading prior to his kidney failure. Contact DOVE to learn how.

Aleksander Pallko

Army Veteran

Alleksander Pallko, Army Veteran

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