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Happy Kidneyversary Team #12!

Tara Wortz, #livingkidneydonor and Reggie Coney #armyveteran and #transplantrecipient just celebrated their first "Kidneyversary"

Tara gave us permission to share what she wrote us on this special occasion:

"It is hard for me to put this day into words right now. I have always said that for me it really wasn't a big deal to donate. I have been so grateful for the opportunity and for the friendships that have been formed along this journey. I am so thankful to DOVE for bringing people together. With so much division in our country today.

I walked into Reggie's room the night before surgery and it didn't matter what his skin color, his background, his lifestyle, I just felt led to give what I could to help someone in need.

The Lord says to love Him first, then to love others. I feel like this allowed me to put that commandment into practice and I am forever grateful."

We are honored to have Tara and Reggie and their families be a part of our community. We thank them both for continuing to share their stories and raise awareness about #organdonation and work towards #endingthewait for all!

Sending much love to Team #12‼️ Happy Kidneyversary


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