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"Gift of Life" Celebration

We were honored to participate in the @houstonvamc "Gift of Life" Celebration on April 14th. Founder and Executive Director, Sharyn Kreitzer, provided an overview of DOVE's mission and accomplishments since its launch in 2020. DOVE Team #26, Amanda Houlton and David Hardaway, shared their deeply moving stories. David even danced for the crowd to show his vitality and joy! There was not a dry eye in the house! An extra special surprise was the presence of DOVE Donor #1 @jonwaynetaylor who travelled in from Austin to celebrate this special occasion.

DOVE Team 26 had an experience we wish for all donors and recipients.

Both described their care as exceptional. Amanda felt as if she were a VIP and on a "conveyor belt" - she stood still while everyone worked around her needs.

To top off a perfect day - our DOVE family along with transplant coordinator extraordinaire, Jennifer Hamilton, had the best BBQ @ Good Company.

We look forward to a continued collaboration and saving many more lives through the #giftoflife

To learn more -please call 5510449-8319 or email


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