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Dr. Anita Mehrotra on Taking Care of Kidneys.

DLH has supported @dovetransplant since our launch in 2020. They haven't just sought to support us financially, they have set out to create a partnership.

Through their DLH Cares program DOVE and DLH employees have an ongoing collaboration. We meet a few times a year and work together to raise awareness about #organdonation #kidneyhealth and to support #veterans

Last Friday, DOVE Board Director and Transplant Nephrologist, Dr. Anita Mehrotra, spoke with DLH staff about Taking Care of their Kidneys.

This was a special way to recognize #NationalKidneyMonth. All attendees received a DOVE water bottle -- drinking a lot of water each day is a key component of self care!

We thank Porter and the entire DLH Team for your enthusiastic engagement with DOVE! #togetherwecan do so much!


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