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DOVE Road Trip

Our Executive Director packed a lot into a 24 hour road trip to DC, MD, and VA this week!

She stopped by @walterreed_surgery (where 9 of DOVE transplants have been performed) with Team 23 recipient, #marinecorpsveteran Colonel Jones to meet with their new Surgical Director; Caught up with Team 17 (who were in town for their annual check-ups and celebrating their #kidneyversary; Hosted #Veterans , board members, #kidneydonors who were in town for a celebratory dinner; Visited Team 30 a day after their surgeries; Met up with @cmerissa (Team 18) who drove 30 minutes just to give a long awaited hug in the parking lot of the hospital! What a special #community. We feel grateful, energized and we are all ready to keep moving forward and #endthewaitinglist for all. #dovetransplant #organdonationsaveslives #dovetransplant #kidneytransplant


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