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Celebrating DOVE Team #29!

Most DOVE donors are anonymous (at least until the transplant surgery) However, sometimes it is a national DOVE outreach campaign that brings a veteran's close friends and family forward to donate. Such is the case of Team #29. No matter the relationship, or at which transplant center, all #livingkidneydonors are fully supported by @dovetransplant We were able to provide the initial education, trouble shoot logistical hurdles, cover the cost of travel and lodging for the evaluation, and provide mentoring and support to both the donor and Veteran recipient. We are grateful @NLDAC was able to cover the meals and lodging for the for the donors 2 week post-op stay. All of these resources ensured this donor did not have any out of pocket expenses related to his generous gift of life, and he felt supported and appreciated throughout the journey (and years after). This is the way it should be for all donors! We celebrate and cheer one more person is #offthelist today and now has the best chance to live the rest of his life free from dialysis and with renewed health. Sending our very best wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery. With so much gratitude to kidney donor Peter, and all #organdonors. #veterans #community #organdonationsaveslives #militaryappreciationmonth


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