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Celebrate World Kidney Day!

We had a busy day raising awareness about #kidneyhealth #kidneytransplant and #organdonation in celebration of #worldkidneyday!

Our Executive Director, visited Team #27 donor, Matthew @montefiorehospital (and his amazing living donor coordinator, Helen) - He is recovering well likely will be discharged home today. His recipient, Chuck, is recovering very well at @brighamandwomens. Chuck's wife Debbie wrote a heartfelt thank you note to Mathew that our team was able to share in person.

DOVE donor # 18, Hayley, ran an informational session at her local library in Idaho!

DOVE volunteer and military spouse, Stephanie McDonald, dropped off DOVE coffee sleeves and brochures at her local coffee shop in New Jersey!

Thank you to all our donors, transplant professionals, advocates and kidney warriors for all you do.

Together we will work to #endthewaitlist for all ❤️


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