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Branson Veterans Week Welcomes DOVE With Open Arms

DOVE Donor #26, Amanda Houlton, and Manny Hardaway (her recipient's brother) represented DOVE at Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson, MO this week. DOVE was graciously given a 15-minute speaking slot at the Opening Ceremony on Sunday in front of 1000 attendees. On Monday, the team spoke to Veterans at Mel's Diner and the Home Front Ceremony which honors the spouses who kept their homes running during active duty deployments. Wednesday, Houlton was the guest speaker at the Rose Ceremony for female Veterans and their spouses. They also met Mike Kehoe, Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, and were able to speak with State Representative Brian Seitz (both pictured below).

"Branson Veterans Task Force President, Becky Jewsbury went out of her way to make connections for us - memories that will last a lifetime," shares Houlton. "I've shed so many tears of happiness and hopefulness this past week. Our DOVE family has surpassed my expectations."

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Merle Jones, President of the United Veterans Benefits Agency (pictured below), presented DOVE with an honorable thank you coin and military handshake for their ongoing work with Veterans. In gratitude for a beautiful week of Veteran camaraderie and community, DOVE will be presenting the Branson Veterans Task Force with a wooden flag alongside another Veteran family.

DOVE corporate sponsor, DLH, made it financially possible for DOVE ambassadors to travel to Branson from all over the nation. Thank you to everyone who has made this event a huge success in helping us spread the word about life-saving kidney donation for Veterans!


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