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A Message from Willie J. Oler

Willie J. Oler, EdD is a #marinecorpsveteran, multi-#organtransplant recipient who recently celebrated his one year #kidneyversary by paying a visit to his #kidneydonor Lynn Robinson This was the first time this DOVE Team 10 met! Will gave us permission to share this photo and heartfelt email he sent to his community:

"Gentlepeople: April 13th was a monumental date; I met my kidney donor, Lynn Robinson in Colorado Springs, CO. Lynn is an extraordinarily accomplished, deeply caring, vibrant person. Thanks to her incredible gift I have a new life, and she now shares my journey. In addition, she inspired two of her transplant nurses to become organ donors.

Lynn was motivated to take action by a TV special about the DOVE* organization. Her inspiration stirred her to reach out to DOVE as a prospective living donor.

Working with DOVE, Lynn picked me to be her kidney recipient. I was already screened and registered as a candidate, and after Lynn was approved as a donor, the transplant was performed at the @mayoclinic in Phoenix, AZ on March 2, 2022.

The attachment is a photograph of Lynn and me celebrating our one-year transplant anniversary.

*DOVE's (Donor Outreach for Veterans) goal is to find, educate, screen and support prospective living donors and then match those donors to Veterans awaiting transplant.

Thank you all for your long term support.

Best regards,


We feel immensely grateful to now be a part of Will and Lynn's extended family.


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