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Team 4

Steven Canty

Aug 11, 2023

Kidney Recipient Steve Canty is Able to Play with His Four-year-old Granddaughter Z

Transplant teammates, Steve and Valerie celebrated their second kidneyversary on August 11. When Navy Veteran Steve was on dialysis, he had shared his fear that he would not be able to see his 3-month-old grandaughter grow up.

Two years post-transplant, Steve is feeling well, no longer dependent on dialysis and able to travel and spend a lot of time with his granddaughter, Z. He is also volunteering with LiveOnNY to raise awareness about organ donation and give back in a meaningful way.

Valerie was one of the first prospective kidney donors to contact DOVE three years ago. She was committed to the process despite a six-month overseas deployment, many obstacles and several round trips from NC to NY for testing. When Valerie was cleared, she learned she could electively participate in a paired exchange program to help another recipient in addition to a Veteran - she enthusiastically agreed. Valerie recently retired after 21 years of service in the Ohio National Guard and is now working for Goodyear Tires.

We are celebrating this special milestone with Valerie and Steve (and little Z).

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