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Team 10

Lynn Robinson

Mar 2, 2024

Team 10 Donor Reflects on a Second Kidneyversary

"I found DOVE by chance. I would not have thought to be a kidney donor if it hadn't been for DOVE's invaluable efforts to recruit living donors," shares Lynn Robinson as she celebrates the second anniversary of her kidney donation on March 2nd. "I am grateful for the experience I have had during this process and the insight into the groups and medical teams who make living donor transplants happen. DOVE, Mayo Clinic Phoenix, my family, and my close friends are shining examples of the best people one could find. I am blessed to have Will in my corner, as he is my new Guardian Angel!"

Lynn's kidney recipient, Will Oler, EdD. is a multi-organ transplant recipient He gives thanks and honors his gift of life each day by volunteering, mentoring, and advocating for the transplant and Veterans' communities.

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