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DOVE Team #32

When Lucia saw a Facebook post that her Army buddy, Michael, needed a kidney transplant, she stepped up immediately to be evaluated. Despite being blood type compatible, and nearly medically cleared, Lucia was devastated to hear she couldn't move forward since she was not a good "match" to Michael. Their transplant center did not participate in an exchange program, so they would need to close her case.

Undeterred, both Michael and Lucia transferred to another program that offered paired exchange. Lucia donated her kidney at the Georgetown/Medstar Hospital (now a part of the VA Transplant System) as an NKR voucher donor.

Michael will receive a well-matched living donor kidney in return for Lucia's donation soon! Lucia is thrilled to help two recipients with her one kidney! Over 30% of prospective donors are incompatible with their intended recipients. Because of the growth of #pairedexhange, many more life-saving living donor transplants can move forward.

Lucia - we appreciate you! We are praying for you and your recipient (s)!

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