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Received - Deceased Donor

William Baker enlisted in the US Army in 1990 and served 5 years as a Transportation Specialist. After initial training, he spent two years at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on 2- or 3-man recovery teams and was assigned to new officers, showing them the dangers from mines or enemy patrols. At times, William would even go undercover as a North Korean soldier. After returning to the States, he arrived at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, doing research and development on vehicles, new thermal imaging, and new munitions, to name a few.

After his discharge in 1995, William received a Bachelor of Philosophy and Information Technology from Salisbury University. Later he earned a Master of Business Administration and began working with the FDA before moving over to the IRS, where he worked for 12 years before medically retiring in 2023. William was the first person in the US to develop policy for medical records scanning for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and was named Food Safety Modernization Officer in 2011. Any food coming in from another country had to be registered in the system he oversaw.

William and his wife, Sun, have been married for 32 years and have a daughter and a son, plus a grandson and a granddaughter. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease) in 2020 and started dialysis the same year. Even though he battles fatigue, William walks 15-20 miles per week on the treadmill to stay as healthy as he can. He would love to get back to doing more hiking, bowling, and traveling and is looking forward to the gift of a kidney and living a normal life again. Will you join our mission to find a kidney for William? Your support, whether through spreading the word on social media or considering becoming a donor, can make a profound impact on his life!

William has enlisted the help of a Veteran's organization called DOVE Transplant which is helping in his outreach to find his life-saving kidney donor. DOVE will assist all prospective donors throughout the process and make sure they do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses related to the evaluation or surgery.

A healthy person can live a normal life with one kidney and save this Veteran's life! Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more OR call (551) 233-1611.

William Baker

Army Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
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