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Received - Deceased Donor Transplant

William Timothy Franklin III is a Veteran who served nearly 22 years in the Navy. He was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1993.

He goes by the name "Tim" in honor of his Great, Great Grandmother (Mame, Ms. Velma Williams). Mame was the matriarch of the family and she declared to the family "this boy will have a name in the bible and it will be Timothy". End of discussion.

Timothy was born in Aurora, Illinois but moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi with his mother to be closer to family and Mame. He attended Mississippi State where he graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After one of the grueling Engineering tests, he bumped into a Navy Recruiter who convinced him to consider joining the Navy.
After a lengthy discussion, the Navy Recruiter won him over an the rest is history.

Tim graduated and attended Aviation Officer Candidates School and was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1993.

Tim now works in Headquarters at The Department of Homeland Security. He and his wife of 27 years, Wilda, are raising his 7 year old grandchild, and the light of his life, Gabriel.

Because of chronic high blood pressure, Tim's kidneys have been damaged. He is at the point where he needs to start hemodialysis treatments or undergo a kidney transplant. He is also starting to feel the debilitating symptoms of kidney disease which may force him into a early retirement.

Timothy's best chance at living a long, normal life free from dialysis is to undergo a living kidney donor transplant.

Many people are not aware we are born with a "spare" kidney and someone can donate one of their kidneys and lead a completely normal life with the one remaining kidney.

Kidney donation is safe for donors who are medically cleared. The evaluation and surgery is covered by the transplant center. Other non medical costs are also covered (such as travel, lodging lost wages).

To learn more about kidney donation and how DOVE Transplant is helping Veterans like Tim access life saving transplant, please click on the link below.

Tim longs to be present for his 7 year old, basketball playing "wise beyond his years" grandson.
Let us help this hero. He has done so much for his country and community. Let us step up for him in his time of need.

William "Tim" Franklin

Navy Veteran


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