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"Military people are mission oriented. And you never get rid of a mission you just find different ways to complete the mission" - Walter Bridgers ret Army Staff Sergeant

Upon his medical discharge from military service (due to a severe back injury), Walter Bridgers found countless ways to complete many missions throughout his life. A few of these included: Being a mentor for Save the Children and becoming the face of a national Ad Council "Mentor a Child" Campaign; becoming a Social Worker and Team Leader at he Harlem Veteran Center; hosting many events for Veterans from WWII onward.

Walter was one of ten New York veterans to receive the “Above and Beyond Award” given to people who “came home to make an equal if not greater impact on their communities and the people around them". He was also inducted into the Veteran Hall of Fame in 2016.

Walter sacrificed it all to protect our freedoms while serving in the US Army. It is equally inspiring to learn what he has done after his military career and we thank him for his continued service to transitioning Veterans and at risk youth and communities.

Walter now needs OUR help. Due to end stage kidney disease Walter needs to receive a kidney transplant. His best chance of surviving and living the rest of his life off of dialysis is to find a living kidney donor.

Please contact DOVE to learn about kidney donation and see if you can be Walter's life saving donor. Let us learn from Walter's generous and gracious example.

Walter Bridgers

Branch: Army Highest Rank: Sergeant Years Served: 1975-1986

2016 Veteran Hall of Fame

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