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Received! Deceased Donor Kidney 9/2023

Van Keller is a 65 year old Navy Veteran who has been waiting SIX years for a kidney transplant. Van had several friends and family get tested as donors but none were medically cleared. The wait for a deceased kidney donor is very long - particularly for those with Van's blood type (B).

Van contacted DOVE as he felt appreciation of the Veteran-centric, community based mission.. Van is hopeful DOVE will help him find a living kidney donor as well as raise awareness about the need of the nearly 2000 Veterans waiting in the US.

Please contact DOVE to learn about kidney donation and how to support DOVE.
Share Your Spare. Be a DOVE Donor. Email:

Van Keller

NAVY/Jet Mechanic

Van in uniform

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
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