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Tyron Walker enlisted in the Marine Corps right after his High School Graduation and served for 24 years.

Over his military career, Tyron participated in Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Calm and numerous Combined Arms Exercises. He was deployed many times to Okinawa, Japan and was involved in combat missions throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Tyron retired from military service in 2008 as a Master Sergeant. He continued to work as a contractor for the Department of Defense.

Today Tyron is 56 years old. He is a father and husband. He now faces a different type of battle: kidney failure. Due to a genetic condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease, Tyron relies on daily dialysis treatments to survive. Many members of Tyron's family also have this disease.

Asking for help is not in Tyron's DNA. He led his life serving others and protecting his country. DOVE is proud to ask the community to consider donating a kidney to help Tyron get his health back and be free from dialysis. Free to travel, enjoy his family and his future.

Please contact DOVE below to learn how you can help Tyron.

Tyron E. Walker

Retired Master Sergeant, Marine Corps.

Tyron Current

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