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Received - Deceased Donor Transplant

Army Veteran Stacey Wyatt is a 38 year old mom of 2 young boys ages 10 & 12. She met her husband, Johnny Wyatt, at Fort Sill in Oklahoma in 2009. Johnny is Active Duty and they reside in North Carolina.

The Wyatt family is a tight knit group. They have lived in many different states. Stacey home schools both children and they enjoy many trips camping and hiking as a family.

However, Stacey's ability to continue these adventures with her family may soon be limited. She was diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating kidney disease called FSGS (Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) that has led to irreversible kidney disease. Unless she is able to find a living kidney donor, Stacey will rely on a dialysis machine to survive.

Several of Stacey's family members have this same disease and are therefore unable to donate. Stacey's husband is not a match.

Veterans and Military families have sacrificed much to serve their country and communities. Let us show them they are appreciated and not alone when they need our help. If you are interested in learning about kidney donation to give Stacey the best chance of living a long life, free from dialysis, please contact DOVE and press the link below.

Stacey Wyatt

Army Veteran & Military Spouse


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