Roy McClymonds enlisted into the United States Air Force "as soon as he was able and of age". He spent 23 years serving his country. During Roy's deployment in Vietnam, he was exposed to Agent Orange at the Bien Hoa Air Base. He has been told this exposure likely caused his diabetes and subsequent kidney disease.

After serving in the USAF, Roy joined "Run for the Wall" a 10-day journey from LA to DC. He served as an Assistant Platoon Leader riding his motorcycle along with all the other riders to ensure safety. He later acted as a "Road Guard" alongside law enforcement motorcycles.
In 2005, Roy was elected as the Commander for Post 48 Scottish American Military Society/Phoenix.
He was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame where he has served as the Quartermaster.

Roy has been reliant on daily dialysis to survive for the past 3 years. He is not one who is comfortable sharing his story or asking for help. As he says: "I wanted to fight the good fight on my own." For the sake of his family, especially his loving wife, he is asking for OUR help.
Let us give back to Roy as he has given so much to his country and community. He deserves a chance to extend his life and watch his children and great-grandchildren grow.
Please link to DOVE below to see if you can be his life-saving donor.

Roy McClymonds

Vietnam USAF Veteran

roy Scottish American Military Society

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