Roy Cordingley is a 74 year old Combat Veteran who is 90% Service Connected due to injuries that resulted while serving in Vietnam.

Roy lives in Idaho with his wife Bambi. He has end stage kidney failure and requires life sustaining dialysis Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for 4 hours a treatment in order to survive. Roy's only chance of living his "golden years" off of dialysis is get a kidney transplant. However the wait for a kidney from a deceased donor list can be 5 years. Roy will likely not survive that wait.

Roy needs to find a living kidney donor. As he says "Please help me enjoy life again every day with my family and get out and do the they that I love to do like photography, fishing and just get out and enjoy this beautiful world."

Living kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. Additionally, the cost of the testing, the travel and other lost wages can be reimbursed. Please contact DOVE to learn how to help Roy and other Veterans who have given so much to protect our freedoms. What better way to give back?

Roy Cordingley

Combat Vietnam Veteran

Roy and Wife Barbie

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