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Roselyne Schindler was learning to become a medical receptionist at a community college when she decided to enlist in the Navy in 1999 and served four years. She started as a Fire Controlman before she moved to Naval Base San Diego and worked as a Yeoman as a legal assistant for a Lieutenant’s office. While there she was married, gave birth to her little girl, and was transferred to another Lieutenant’s office in the Electronics Department.

Rose spent three years in Italy, while her first husband served in the Navy, before returning to the States. She lived in Norfolk, VA, worked in the school system doing substitute teaching and became the Special Education Assistant at the same school. She has now been the office manager for the past five years and loves it! She and her wonderful husband, Michael have been married for six years, and she has a lovely daughter, Savannah.

In March 2023, Rose was not feeling well, went to the ER, and spent five days in the hospital where testing found she had uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, it has caused her kidneys to fail. She has just finished training to start home hemodialysis which will help to keep her going and hopes to get back to work. Rose is obsessed with anything Hello Kitty, and loves crafting, making cheer bows, baking, and eating!

With the gift of a new kidney, Rose and Michael would love to travel to some exotic places like Baki, Maldives, and Asia. Rose is a young 45-year-old wife and mother with so much life to live. Will you join our mission to find a kidney for her? Your support, whether through spreading the word on social media or considering becoming a donor, can make a profound impact on her life!

Rose has enlisted the help of a Veteran's organization called DOVE Transplant which is helping in her outreach to find her life-saving kidney donor. DOVE will assist all prospective donors throughout the process and ensure they do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses during the evaluation or surgery.

A healthy person can live a normal life with one kidney and save this Veteran's life! Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more OR call (551) 233-1611.

Roselyne Schindler

Navy Veteran

Interested in Becoming a DOVE Donor?
Click the button below to learn more about the process and eligibility requirements.

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