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Received - Living Kidney Donor Team 35

Ronald (Ron) Kishun is 56 year old Veteran who served as a bosun mate while stationed on base in Norfolk Virginia. Ron has been married to his wife Esperanza for 35 years. He is a proud dad and grandfather. His 29 year old son has Cerebral Palsy and lives full time at home. His 34 year old son has young children and is employed as a Corrections Officer.

Ron has been diagnosed with end stage renal failure. He now relies on dialysis 3 days a week for nearly 4 hours a session. Not only does dialysis impact his ability to work it also limits his ability to help care for his son. Ron is concerned the burden of care for his son and his medical needs falls too heavily on his wife.

A kidney from a living donor would give Ron the best chance of success: To live a life free from dialysis. To have a kidney that will last long into his golden years. Without a living kidney donor, Ron is looking at a 5 year wait on the national list. He may not survive or he may become to ill to undergo a transplant at that time.
Veterans like Ron have given much to their country and to their communities. Ron is used to being the caregiver for his wife and serving others. To ask for help from his community is not easy. But is our opportunity to Give the Gift of Life to Ron Please contact DOVE to learn about living kidney donation: (551) 233-1611 OR follow the "Learn More" Link below.

Ron Kishun

Navy Veteran

ron with family

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