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Received - Living Donor Transplant Team #28

Budd Springer joined the National Guard in High School. He continuously served for 36 years and retired in 2006 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Budd was also employed as a Facility Director for the County of Cape May. He retired from that work in 2012 but continued to serve his community as a Project Manager/Volunteer for Habitats for Humanity. Budd has been married to his wife Lorraine for 40 years. He is proud father and grandfather of nine.

Budd is now facing a difficult battle with kidney disease. He will soon need to start chronic dialysis in order to survive. The best hope for him to live the rest of his life without dialysis is to find a living kidney donor. Kidney donation is safe for those who are medically cleared. The evaluation is covered by Budd's insurance. DOVE helps to coordinate coverage of other expenses related to travel, lost wages.

Kidney donors can live completely normal, active lives after donation. Would you consider helping Veterans in need like Budd. If you would like to learn more please connect with us via the link below.

Robert "Budd" Springer

Lieutenant Colonel (ret) NJ Army National Guard

springer with grandson

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